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The Guardians Association of the New York State Courts, Inc. is a nonprofit fraternal organization of African Americans and like-minded individuals in law enforcement founded in 1986. The Association membership consists of organizational members, those employees who hold the title of Court Officer, Court Clerk, or Court Assistant; and associate members, individuals who are supportive of the goals and purposes of our Association, but are otherwise ineligible for organizational membership. The organization is affiliated with the Grand Council of Guardians, and the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), and the National Black Police Association (NBPA).

The purpose of the Guardians Association of the New York State Courts, Inc., is to promote justice, fairness, and effectiveness in the criminal court system. Our perspective is that of African American and like minded Court Officers, Court Clerks, and Court Assistants, but our concern extends to criminal justice issues as they affect the total community.

The Guardians Association was established:

  • to improve the relationship between the Unified Court System as an institution and the African American community.
  • to evaluate the effect of the policies and programs within the criminal justice system on the African American community.
  • to act as a mechanism to recruit minority Court Officers, Clerks, and Court Assistants, and to ensure the African American community that the court system can be a positive institution.
  • to contribute and/or participate in affirmative action programs in the criminal justice system for the purpose of establishing equality amongst its participants, regardless of their race, religion or national origin.
  • to work toward reform in order to eliminate corruption and racial discrimination in the court system.

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